Over 140+ Vendors on 250+ Tables.

NEXT SHOW is NOVEMBER 3rd, 2019 with CHRISTMAS quickly approaching, think about that hard to find collectible for that SPECIAL PERSON. With NEW Toy & Comic vendors bringing FRESH inventory EVERY show; its a MUST ATTEND event. Authors, Fandom Crafts, Comic Illustrators, Cosplay Groups & Costumes, WPW Wrestling along with SO MUCH MORE but HARD to place EVERYTHING on here.


RANDY BOWEN (sculpture) – owner of BOWEN DESIGNS. He will be signing the first 2 statues at NO CHARGE and ONLY $5 each after that. Make sure you check your comic book characters statues for BOWED DESIGNS and show up at ToyMan Show.

FRANK FOSCO (free lance artist). His career started over 30 years ago and it hasn’t even slowed down; it continues with MARVEL, DC, IDW and so many other works out there in the art world. HIs current works with IDW is the TMNT Urban Legends and has worked on the pencils for MARVEL’s 12 issue 40 year Anniversary of the FANTASTIC FOUR paying homage to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Don’t forget to find those issues and bring them to ToyMan to get signed…