Over 140+ Vendors on 250+ Tables.

NEXT SHOW is DECEMBER 8th, 2019 with CHRISTMAS is just a few weeks away, think about that hard to find Collectible, Novel or ONE-OF-A-KIND Pop Culture Crafts for that SPECIAL PERSON. With NEW Toy & Comic vendors bringing FRESH inventory EVERY show; its a MUST ATTEND event. Authors, Fandom Crafts, Comic Illustrators, Cosplay Groups & Costumes, WPW Wrestling along with SO MUCH MORE but HARD to place EVERYTHING on here.


STEVE LAVIGNE (comic book artist). Steve was the very first artist employee hired by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird (Co Creators of TMNT/Morage Studios) back in 1985. He helped design TMNT Toys, to producing artwork seen merchandising toys/video games/product packaging back in the late 80’s & early 90’s. He also created TMNT characters Sergeant Bananas, Screwloose, Cuddly Cowlick, Code name Chameleon among others. Steve continues to do covers for IDW/TMNT books along with taking requests for commission works.

JEFFREY EDWARDS (comic book artist). His most recent credits include penciling/inking GI Joe #266 and Transformers #1 variants exclusive to One Stop Comic Shop for IDW, penciling/inking Warlock 5(Outland Ent.), penciling Benchmark 5 (Essential Comics), penciling Greyfell(Squint Comics), Extermination (BOOM! Studios), as well as working on TMNT art (IDW special edition of Secret History of the Foot Clan). He has also provided illustrations for table-top games such as Fire and Ax: A Viking Saga, Kings of Air & Steam: World’s Fair, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and others.