Updated 11/14/2022 – THANK YOU Again for ALL who attended the Nov 13th event. Only ONE more before CHRISTMAS to get you jewels for you or loved ones. Next up Dec 11 with the 2nd TOYS FOR TOTS – MARINE Toy Drive. Check Facebook Page #toymanshow and DROP your NEWEST finds. PLEASE tag with #toymanshow or #toymanstl to your favorite social media site. ToyMan Events are MASK FREE but AVAILABLE if desired. Next ToyMan event will be DECEMBER 11th, 2022

There will be 3-Ply face masks AVAILABLE along with Hand Sanitizer for ALL ATTENDEES at NO CHARGE!!!

Here we GO!…. “Where BIG kids go to play!”

Over 100+ Vendors on 200+ Tables.

NEXT SCHEDULED SHOW is DECEMBER 11th, 2022 which makes it over 30 years of COLLECTING HAPPINESS at ToyMan Show. “NERDY 30+ 1990-2022” Obviously ToyMan Show has lasted this long for a reason; so if you haven’t been by now ITS TIME TO CHECK IT OUT. Collectibles, Illustrators, Cosplay groups(Heroes for Kids, U.S.S Umiak and Ghostbusters), WPW Wrestling, Authors or ONE-OF-A-KIND Pop Culture Crafts with NEW Toy & Comic vendors bringing FRESH inventory EVERY show. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/toymanshow

2022: Dec 11 with MARINE – TOYS FOR TOTS Toy Drive

2023: Jan 29 ~ Mar 12 ~ May 7 ~ Jul 9 ~ Aug 27 ~ Sep 24 ~ Nov 5 ~ Dec 10

ALL ToyMan Show events are held at: MACHINIST HALL 12365 St. Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO 63044 Event Hours: Early Bird at 8a – $12 and General Admission 9a to 3p – only $5